Kamila Solarz is a photographer originally from Poland, and currently based in Barcelona. Her practice combines digital and analog photography, seeking to capture raw intimacy in her subjects. Drawn by the profound inspiration found in nature, Kamila intertwines its elements into her visual narratives, crafting minimalistic, quiet stories of brands, artists, objects, and places. Through her lens, she delicately captures subtle details, reflecting the tranquil narratives she portrays. 

Published In & Clients: Thisispaper, One Magazine, Leibal, Yellowtrace, Lula Japan, Safelight Paper, The Ones 2 Watch, L’Officiel Baltics, Fisheye Magazine, K MAG, Kunst Magazine, Kluid Magazine, Design Scene, Edition Hotel, Elite Spain, Mariona Vilanova, Answear.com. Talm, AÄRK Collective, Mila Sai, THER, The Norin, Abstracta
contact: kamilasolarz.info@gmail.com