Is it possible not to pose being aware of being photographed? 
I was asking myself how much space does fashion photography leave for the model’s individuality and how much am I able to transmit through my pictures instead of playing some kind of pose game, a game of trying to fit in of what's considered as atractive. 

When working on set with a model, we find ourselves in an arranged situation, following visual 'rules' we are both teached. We are very often stuck in conventions, learned visual patterns of what is allowed and not allowed to show, and especially of what is considered to be 'pretty' and what's unattractive and uninteresting.

I tried to look for 'let go details' in the photographs - a hand that made an unintentional movement, a gaze that escapes for a moment and seems absent. I wanted to show the body as a message, closed in gestures, glances, through which the model's individuality breakes through, trying also to catch the discomfort closed in the pose and the given role that the clothes impose on the model. 

model: Zuzanna Zach
model: Theodora Caprusu
model: Karolina Fafinska
model and text: Savannah Angela